Word Me

Words are the light we are drawn to;
the setting sun,
the fire in the desert,
the lantern in the window,
the phosphorescence in the ocean,
the promise in your voice.

No words is the dark void;
leaching love,
leaving it stranded,
lost for words,
looking dumb,
like love suffered a stroke of the heart.

So, I beg of you my love,
word me
word me silly
word me sorry
word me through the night
word me twinkle
word me fire
word me to the end of light.




My Poems’ Purpose

The title is my name,
the page is my flesh,
the letters are my fragments,
the comma holds my breath,
the words are my authority,
their space is my heart,
their meaning is my hopelessness,
their inadequacy is my striving,
the poem is my self,
the effort is my being,
the purpose, ah, the purpose,
is love.